About Us

We are a group of seniors, led by Roxanne Goodman, a.k.a. the Confidence Booster. We are motivated by a passion for singing, and our goal is to bring the joy of music to our community. We encourage the belief that anyone can sing, and that singing in a choir improves the health of seniors, who might otherwise feel isolated. Our men and women come from widely different backgrounds, but in each other find the companionship and support that is so vital to living well as we age.

We meet at 11 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, to rehearse the songs we love to share with our audiences. Our rehearsal space is at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 971 Woodroffe Ave., just north of the Queensway. Anyone is welcome to attend our rehearsals. If you’d like more information first, please send an email to Janet at jmblondeau@rogers.com

Because we are non-judgemental, and the focus is on having fun, new members soon develop confidence about performing, and many have progressed to duets, or even solos. Imagine how you feel singing along to your favourite music at home, then imagine the satisfaction of doing it for an audience, and receiving applause! It’s an experience many of us never imagined having during our working lives, but now look forward to.