A few words about the Sunset Singers. We’ve only been a singing group for four years, though of course as individuals we’ve been singing, whistling and playing the kazoo much longer.

We started singing under the direction of Roxanne Goodman at the Carlington Health Centre, but more recently we’ve met to practice and sing at Fourth Avenue Baptist Church in downtown Ottawa. There were only nine of us at the beginning. Now we number about fifteen if we all show up.

Why do we sing? Well, partly to please ourselves. We like to sing, and we like doing it as a group. We like to know that we are doing a good job of it and having Roxanne as our coach and director not only makes us feel that way but be that way.

Yet we also sing to please others. So we do gigs. Over the years we have sung at about eight different seniors’ residences, returning time and again because the residents really seem to like hearing us. We do skits relating to our various songs and we always end our programs by going into the audience to greet and shake hands.

We usually receive an honorarium from for-profit residences. We use whatever we get to contribute to food programs at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. We also make some money by selling tickets and doing an on-stage performance. Our last performance, in June this year, was at the Centrepointe Theatre Studio. The money we made went to a variety of charities.

We call ourselves the Sunset Singers not because the sun is going down, but because it’s still up there. And we’ll keep singing as long as it’s there.

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